Zyring Day 19 – Tidying up

[Note: These are more in-depth (read: tedious) write-ups of my experience with each section of the Zyring project, leading on from my intro post on Zyring. This is mostly for my own benefit but could conceivably be of use to someone doing the project.]

Display information about a single apartment on a page (continued)

Time for a final bit of styling of the indivdual apartments. I added a grey background to the apartment title to be consistent with the styling list of apartments, and did a few other small changes. Again, I don’t want to spend huge amounts of time on styling for this project, that isn’t the focus for me.

I ended up with this:

Grey background to the title for consistency.

Grey background to the title for consistency.


Woohoo! Everything’s done now apart from the page navigation problem from yesterday that I’m going to have to ask about. Now to tidy up a bit… fixing problems, with indentation, comments, adding some ngdocs documentation and renaming my two Angular factories to more informative names. Also cleaned up my mess of a CSS file a bit using tips from this tutorial.

Things I could add

That’s where I’m leaving it for now (apart from the page navigation problem), but I may as well list a few minor annoyances I’d like to fix if I feel like it later:

  • Map displays same area each time: would like to focus in on particular areas
  • Maybe have a map on individual apartment pages as well
  • Add navigation to go back to list of apartments from an individual apartments page
  • Currently if I do this by clicking ‘Back’, it always takes me to page 1 of the list of apartments rather than the one I was on
  • Carousel only works with mouse, not left and right arrow keys
  • Would be good to show the apartment thumbnail for apartments where there are no other images on the backend server
  • Write something more helpful in the ‘About’ view



I still need to write a big old post summarising how I found the project. Coming soon…


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